Have you ever googled yourself? Do it right now and see whether you get any hits. Whether you like what you see or not, others are getting the same results when they look you up. Employers nowadays are using search engines to find out more details about prospective employees. Reputation management service providers can help you drown out the negative sentiments and showcase you in positive light.

If you’re in a profession where your personality matters, it will not only be potential employers checking you out. Actors, musicians, politicians, and socialites are always being searched online by fans, voters, sponsors, reporters, and endorsers. How the world perceives you might determine what jobs you get, what roles you play, and how much money you earn. For this reason, you need to take charge of what people see about you. An effective personal reputation management service might help you clean up your image and highlight your positive attributes. But how do you choose the best personal reputation management service for you?

From my experience, there are 4 critical components of a personal reputation management service that you should consider when making your decision.

1. Experience

Who have they worked for before? What was the reputation of their clients before and after they were engaged? You need a reputation management service that is experienced in handling situations that are similar to yours. For instance, if you’re a sports personality, you would be better to go with the firm that handles Floyd Mayweather’s image rather than the one who handles Donald Trump’s image.

2. Strategy

What sort of strategy does your chosen online reputation management services implement?

At Titanium Marketing, we follow a personal online reputation management strategy that 5-step model based on what’s known as the “5 D’s of reputation management”:

Discover: The first step is discovering what your current reputation is. How does the public view you? What do they feel about you? How does your target market, employer, or fan see you? Are you an asset or a liability to their brand?

Desire: How do you want the world to perceive you? What is the ideal version of you that you would like to present to the public? What personalities, causes, charities, and organizations would you like to be associated with?

Define: Who are your target audience? Who do you want to impress? Who would you like to get the full picture about you? Who normally searches or is likely to search your name? Who will find information about you compelling or relevant?

Design: This fourth step answers questions raised in steps 1, 2, & 3. You now design the kind of results you want to be found online about you. You create a brand image that will appeal to your target audience.

Deploy: Once you have the appropriate design, you need to choose the appropriate medium. Launch a strategy that will effectively market the image you want of yourself. Choose relevant, high impact mediums such as Wikipedia pages, discussion forums, social media profiles, and links to positive PR.

The right strategy makes all the difference to the results you can achieve, so if you want your personal reputation to shine online, then look for a reputation management company that offers a winning strategy like the 5 D’s above.

3. Transparency

When choosing your preferred personal reputation management service, pick one that has transparent policies. For instance, how do they go about implementing their strategy? What are their SEO practices? What PR options will they be employing?
It’s a common, yet costly mistake to let “the professionals” do their work without querying their methods. Remember, it is your personal reputation at stake here. The internet never forgets, so one blunder may haunt you the rest of your life.

4. Ethics

The use of black-hat practices may promise to provide you with quick results, but in the long-term, they will likely cause more harm than good.

Avoid reputation management companies that practice these black-hat techniques such as unethical SEO and backlinking, excessive challenging of webmasters, blackmail, and paying to publish false reviews and online content about your personal brand. The public eye is ruthless, and people are smarter than you give them credit for, so these will eventually come to light and damage your reputation worse than it may have been before.

Shine With a Reputation Management Service

You can make your online personality shine with a good reputation management service provider, as they will help you stop damaging PR, fix negative sentiments on major search engines such as Google, and will prevent future blunders.

But make sure you read between the lines. The provider of reputation management services should protect and promote your brand using effective and ethical strategies with long term impact. The service should add visibility to our brand, image, and career. It should add value to your brand and contribute to its longevity. Also important, the service should prevent your identity from being misused or misappropriated by others.